Hiding a landing page from public viewing or accessing


I would like to create a page for Campaign’s but would like to have the page private or restricted from viewing to the public, just wanted to know what’s the best way to build page.

Thank You

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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You could add password protection in the page settings. In Designer, hit the page tab in the top left, and then hit the gear icon next to the page of choice. That’ll pull up your page settings. In the page settings, under “Access Control” you’ll find the option to set a password, along with some other restriction options.

Thank you for responding @dankanvis will this completely keep this page hidden from viewers of the site ?

It’ll cover the page with a password prompt, which you can customize. Alternatively, if you want the page to remain live and accessible (without this prompt) but you don’t want regular site visitors to see it, you could just build the page within your site and provide no way to reach it without typing in the url. Meaning, remove it from the nav and don’t provide any links to it anywhere.

That way you could still use the url in an ad campaign without the obstruction of a password.

Thank you @dankanvis for your help its much appreciated,
have a good rest of your day !

@MayanPest You’re welcome! You too