Robots.txt option removed?

Just a query. Maybe I’m missing something. There used to be an option to simply place robots.txt info within your site settings on the SEO tab within Misc. However now it’s asking me to setup hosting. I don’t need hosting but am publishing it to the temporary domain for reviewing.
Have Webflow changed something and removed this option?
Also, if my site is now published online to it’s temp domain, are search engines going to pick it up?
Apologies, if I’m missing something glaringly obvious here but I’ve definitely used this functionality in the past within any issue. I recently upgraded from lite to Pro, perhaps there;s where the problem lies?

Correct. Only hosted projects have this option.

If you do not want search engines to crawl your site, you can also add a password.

Okay thanks and i have added a password. But I am right in saying that this feature did exist not too long ago?

It probably changed due to launch of new pricing plans.

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