Hide all in one chat (elfsight) when basket open

Hi all,

I writting you to know if you know a solution to hide or place behind our all in one chat bubble when our basket is open.

Please find attached screenshot of the issue.

Many thanks for your help,

Here is my site Read-Only:

The z-index of the chat is 9999999.
Try to change the z-index of the the “basket” to higher number.
For example:
10000001(max value is 2147483647)

Hi, @Siton_Systems, thank you for your quick reply. I tried with your recommendation but nothing has change. I put the z-index of my “cart-wrapper 3” at 10000001. Do you have any other ideas?

Please Add live URL. Maybe you should change the Z-index by JavaScript (After the page load).

Here live URL : https://www.droverclub.com/

Waiting your advice :slight_smile:

I checked directly with Elfsight. They sort out for me! Thank you for your help.

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Great :slight_smile: Maybe Share the solution for other users

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