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Hidden Overflow on section not hiding fixed text

Hi, I need to hide some fixed text within each section of a page. Is this possible? I’ve set each sections overflow to hidden but the each sections text still shows overlapping each other. Here is the desired effect . This is what I currently have Can Anyone help :slight_smile:

Here is my public share link: LINK
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@dreps Can you please share you Public link with us? Thanks! :yum:

Here ya go Vlad, thanks!

Hi @dreps

First of all, super cool effect :slight_smile:
This is how I would make this effect:

Hope you get it to work :wink:

You’re the best thank you so much!

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@DharmaNode Great tutorial, I had a feeling it had to do something with the z-index. I think it will be much appreciated if you share this tutorial on Show and Tell so other people can also recreate this idea. Just a though. Great job! :grinning::wink:

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It’s a really cool effect isn’t it?! Great find @dreps

Might aswell post a tutorial on show & tell :smile:

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Yes it is! I’ll I’m sure others would love it. I’m having an issue making it work though. Seems like a few simple steps… What am I doing wrong?

Your preview link looks good, did you fix it already?

Does it? Some of the text is still overlapping each other for me : /

Any idea why it’s showing up this way for me @DharmaNode ?

Strange, only the text of the 1st section isn’t working for me on the published page but it works in the designer. What browser are you using?

I’m using chrome…

I can’t see anything overlapping, only thing i see that’s wrong is that the 1st section’s text isn’t visible. Here is how to fix that:

It looks good for me on safari but not on chrome… very strange but thank you for your help : )

Works great on safari for me, strange.

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