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Hi Newb Here with a question on webflow interactive element

Hello all! I am a complete newb building a site in webflow, and building sites in general, but I feel like I’ve made some great progress on Webflow! I have a question and it’s hard for me to articulate precisely so I can’t find help on Webflow University because I am not sure what exactly I should be searching for.

What I want to do, is I have a section of my website populated by a picture, a paragraph of info, and a title, and what I want is if you click on the section, a drop down text box will appear with more detailed info.

Not sure if any of this makes sense, but if anyone knows what this would be called so I can research and figure it out, that’d be great!

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Just a guess, but maybe this is what you are wanting to do.

Thannks the Cat! I think I found it, it’s the show/hide video on university that helped me solve my issue.