Text expanding below title

Hi Everyone,

Im a little new to webflow but im keen to keep using it as I can see the huge potential.

I am trying to recreate the image below, I would love a simple solution of how I can expand a heading revealing more text below. I have tried using the drop down element for this however it just overlays the text without pushing the below elements down

Any help would be great!

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Checkout this clonable webflow project


You can Clone from here.

Let me know if this help you.

Hey Sachin, this is exactly what I’m after. Thanks for creating the template for me. However, I cant see how I can add or change the text in your paragraph module or what settings your used. These are all hidden. Can you provide any insight?

You can reset the height value on this element here to edit the text, then you can edit the text! Just make sure to change the height back to 0px before you publish.