Hero Slider is messed up

I would love to get your insights on that one please:

My Hero slider for some reason does not work well.
I have 3 slides in total, two contain a picture and one a video.

I made each slide display for 4000ms and also created an animation of zoom in for images triggered by page load.

Here is the link to the site
There are a number of issues:

  1. The presentations work well after loading, but the last presentation sometimes does not load (shows a grey blank screen) and sometimes skips a slide and then surpasses the others.
  2. When the third presentation ends it repeats itself (even though I unchecked the infinite repeat slides.
  3. The transition times between slide and slide are freaking out.

Except that,
I would love insights regarding the zoom effect not in every slide:
Currently the zoom is not activated when loading the page and the effect of the next slide is scheduled to start only after the first one has ended (Active after …)
But it is turned on once and does not repeat itself.

A. Is it possible to schedule the effect when loading the first slide? In fact, when you return to the first slide, the effect will start again?

B. Isn’t there a simple and built-in solution for animating an image in a slider?


Hi @TomGP

For issue #2, I set Stop After to 2 (See screenshot below). This is found in the slider settings.

For issue #3 I removed the interaction on the on the Hero section. It seemed to be glitching out the slider.

Unfortunately I was unable to resolve issue #1. Have you tried publishing it and checking to see if the grey blank screen still remains? You could also delete the entire slider section and try again from scratch.

I hope that helps and best of luck!