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Slide 1 turns gray after publishing?

So I’ve dropped a new slider, and set 2 background images (no divs or anything), pretty simple. But when previewing and publishing the site, the first slide is gray, whereas the second slide is fine.

I’ve tried messing with the mask color/transparency, the slide color/transparency, and I just don’t get why the first slide doesn’t show up.

The only styling I did was make the size of the slider parent div to 100vh; touched nothing else.

Here is the site preview:

Help is appreciated!! Thanks


the preview doesn’t seem to have slider content in it. I think you erased the whole section of the slider which contains the different slides. I guess you moved on already in your design?

Greetings, Tim

Hi TIm,

It’s there, it was just hidden. But it should be visible, and here’s the link again. Let me know if you’re still not seeing it:

The slider is saved, but not published; will I need to publish first?

Now, I see what you mean. It works if you just erase that first slide and ad another and set that image as a background again.

I couldn’t really see what the issue with your first slide was, seems to just have been a hickup somwhere in the code. But if you just replace it, it works finde.

Hope this helps.

Hm ya, I added a new slide, gave it a new class called ‘Slide 3’ and it worked fine. Then when I changed the class to ‘Slide 1’, it didn’t work again!

It’s so odd because this is the default behavior when adding a slider element. I noticed this last year when I first started learning webflow as well!

Thanks for taking a look at it, sorry for the late reply!