Animation over slider glitchy / not working

Hello all!

I have 2 questions for anyone/everyone experienced with sliders:

Question 1 (timed animations not working):

I added timed-animations (the headline/text/link over the background image). It works as-intended for the first slide when the page loads. But for some reason, for all subsequent slides, although the same animation is applied, they do not work properly… The easing doesn’t appear for some reason? Can anyone help with this?

Question 2:

I also added hover animation so that when you hover on the left or right of the image, a sliver of the next or previous slide appears. Although I have the slider set with “infinite repeat slides,” no image appears before the first or after the last slide on hover.

Please help! Thanks all.

Here is my public share link:

for your first question:

Hello shokoaviv! Thanks so much for your kind and quick reply! I really appreciate it.

I tried what you suggested, but unfortunately, this doesn’t seem to change anything…

First, I would prefer to not have the slides auto-transition. I would like to keep this disabled. Second, perhaps I was vague in my post… I’m specifically referring to the text the animates (fades) in on each slide. For the first slide, the text animates in smoothly. But for all the other slides, the text does not fade-in. It just pops into place with no smooth fade.

I have the same class applied to everything… So this seems strange to me? I have no clue what else to do to fix it…