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Hero section design question

Good morning, Im a little confused as to whether I should use a and svg image in the header that most business’s use these days or have a stock image that covers the entire hero section. Im starting a B2B tech startup that works in many areas of IT. Im just not sure which stock photo I should use as I have several business and meeting like photos from envato elements. This is kind of pushing me back from the site live date. Its kind of hard to really convey an image about consulting, business, and something techy in one. Please advise

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Hire an illustrator :paintbrush:

Thanx for the help, was hoping for a better anser than that

No answer for this Q. Depends on the style of design you want.

For Pro, Hi-Res images use shutterStock, Depositphotos and so on (Better than Evanto for images).

For Vectors I like this site:

For a tech startup, the idea of illustrations-kit is also common - here, for example, you find some illustrations kits:

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Sorry to disappoint you, in the end you’ll find that hiring illustrator is not the cheapest way but is the best way :slight_smile:

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