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SVG graphics on website question

Hello Team, I see a lot of these graphics above the headline and below on websites and was wondering where can I find them and download them?

Hi @jtorr19 - are there specific graphics you are looking for? Like this style in the image you provided? Or are you just looking for a source to download nice vector images?

Well Im building a restaurant website so some little vectors for that. In general what is a good site ?

I don’t have any particularly in mind for food vectors, but here’s a short list for free images from Googling:

Hope this helps!

if you do this type of work often, it makes sense to subscribe to something like envato.elements - it’s a small fee but there are a lot of things you can download - and its unlimited - vectors, templates, videos, icons, photos, presets - for pretty much any purpose. Its only like 16 bucks per month - but if you do web design, or any other kind of related work (or even if you need to do presentations, menus, emails etc…) there is a ton of incredibly useful content

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