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Hero image not scaling?

I have now put in a hero image with slides I am hoping to link to other pages. I think I can do that by putting a big transparent button over it. What doesn’t seem to be working through is it doesn’t scale for the tablet and phone view?

Here is a link to my in progress

You don’t want to put your text in the image because it will get cut off. Instead overlay your text on your slides and make the background image plain and set to cover. This will fill the background no matter what size it is. Check out the tutorials on the link in the upper right to learn more about how this works.

I would also move your dot navigation or make your text smaller so they don’t overlap.

Thanks for the reply. The graphic designer is supplying these banners with text and due to the nature of some of the designs I don’t think it’s possible to emulate that way with a text over lay like this image:
graphic image with text as the main design

It wouldn’t work if this image gets cut. t wondered if the slider can just scale proportionally in percentage to the breakpoints like other sliders I have seen?

Ha! no sooner did I write that did I discover the solution. You said set it to cover which I know I didn’t want to do but then I realized there was another choice to contain. I didn’t click either one and when I hit contain that causing the image to be responsive! Yeah! Just what I wanted so thanks for helping me indirectly :smile:

Rather put everything INSIDE a Link Block widget.

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