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Banner image does not scale down

My banner does not scale down. For the smartphone and ipad resolutions it looks good. On a very big resolution (1980 width) it also looks good, but in between the image is to big and won’t scale down. The width of the page is fine but because the width of the image is larger it’s not in the center visually! Please have a look at to see what I mean. What do I need to do to correct this?


I was having the same problem. I even used the Webflow starter template (Slate), swapped out the hero image and the new image still did not scale with the browser. I figured out that image defaults to the setting “cover” rather than “contain”. This might be causing your problem. You can test out by selecting the section with your hero image, go to Styles > Background > click on the file name. Under “size” select the option “contain”. Make sure you do this in Desktop layout.

I checked out your link and it appears that the image does scale responsively at the smaller sizes.

Good luck

@Daniel_Tiebor you can also add a class to that logo image and make the width smaller on the mobile media queries. That will solve your problem.