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Here we go, new to CMS, enough said?

So, I have watched the videos and thought I was doing “It” correctly as far as creating a CMS list… I Used the Blog Content with 5 presets blogs. Went in and created my blog changing the latin filler… I created a very basic page, header, footer and a section with a div to hold the CMS list. What came up startled me, it was the filler text, which now is the 3rd item on my CMS Blog List. I tried recreating another blog. So I notice on the right side of the page there was a note, instead of published it said Publish Preview or Publish Prepared, don’t know because I kept tinkering with it and it now says published. So I published my site once again and went to this blog page. What came up was the correct Rich Text but not properly justified to the left as it appeared in the editor. Some lines were centered some were left justified. No Idea how to edit CMS in the editor, is this another video.
Also, I just deleted the images and the status changed from Publish Prepared to Published. How long until I see a “Published” status if I use images. We are an impatient tribe, lol. Any, thank you, I continue to work on my project which is I will post the super secret read only link below. Thanks in advance for the help,

Huh, I thought there was a field for the super secret read only link: Here it is:

Could you separate you q to sub-subjects? (Its hard to read so long paragraph + more semantic title).

editor = edit the content. Designer = control the design. If you create CMS feild “city” under the editor city name regular plain text. Under the designer the city block could be 60px with glow, red background and underline.

Its better to start her from basic videos (And later learn about the CMS):


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OK, thanks for that,
I have 3 basic questions

  1. How long does it take to “Publish” CMS content if images are used
  • Current Status = Staged Changes
  1. When I bind the content to the CMS, do I then use the editor to bring in the same content type,
    i.e. Rich Test Element into the designer, then style that, this is where I get lost
  2. Is there a better/easier way to add a blog page to my site.
    New to CMS so don’t get the relationship between CMS, the designer and the editor,
    Thanks Again, Hope the layout works for your!!!

Add more detials. “how long” what (Page loading?). Staged Changes is a sign for you “the site change” (Like the * on photoshop file name when you make a change) - now option 1 - save the changes (Publish/go to live - today, tomorrow or never). option 2- go to live.

2. Style the rich-text editor

The styles (For h1-h6, p and so on is from your CSS). How to control the CSS? By the designer.

  • Create “regular” (Not CMS) rich-text block. Add class "blog-post" now style this (select h1 set color text to: red. h2 to blue and p to yellow). Remove this “regular” div. Now add “blog-post” to your "cms rich text block Done

Now in the editor if you set text to h2 - and go to designer (or publish changes) - the text will be Blue.

Full Answer her:


Add posts by the designer -or- editor -or- both. Very easy in both views (Great UI).
Editor Vs Designer in this case is more issue of permissions and “who do whats” (If you are the developer & Also write the blog posts - use the designer/editor – Clients should edit / add posts under the editor - most of the times).

Please see all of this videos (And try to do the same things in live :slight_smile: ):


Hi @rjbiccum and thanks @Siton_Systems for the in depth answers!

Short version:

  1. Staged changes, just means you’ve made a change and it will go live the next time you publish the site (it’s not ‘processing’ which is perhaps how you are reading it, it simply means you’ve saved a change ready for publish).

  2. Think of the CMS as storing your data for the site, blog posts, articles, many different use cases. The Designer is where you format, style and design your page. The Editor is where you can change text and images, but not alter the format/design.

  3. You can either create new blog posts from the CMS (within the Designer) or via the Editor access - it’s the same thing in terms of generating CMS content. If you are running a blog it is usually more efficient to go the CMS route. Design a template page for your blog posts, and each time you create a post in the CMS it will populate a new page automatically for you.

Definitely worth watching those videos Ezra mentioned - once it ‘clicks’ you’ll see how useful it can be to create your content the CMS way!

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Thanks everyone for all the input and help.