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Helping with setting menu close animation

Hi guys,

Im pretty new to Webflow but having a issue with my closing menu animation when clicking on “Home” from the drop down menu ive made. When I click on the hamburger menu icon it opens and closes with animations with no issue. But when I click “Home” from the menu, the menu closes but no hamburger menu animation doesn’t run. I have the “Home” link block set on click to do both actions but the only action that works is the drop down menu and not the hamburger menu, so the user would have to click the hamburger menu icon again to reset it, I hope this makes sense

Here is my public share link:

hi @will_97 and welcome there is an article I wrote about this issue. There is more simplest way when use of Webflow navbar where your burger interaction is set to navbar opens and no `mouse click. I have learn it hard way :slight_smile:

CleanShot 2020-11-07 at 16.29.26

But because you use custom menu my article may help you out. :thinking: