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Vertical slider with pagination on the right side


I am trying to build a vertical slider like this [] and i want to know if is possible to set the pagination on the rigth side in responsive way.

My website


I have a concept idea, although there may be another way around to make this work.

But I would make each section/slide 100vh, and have a fixed navigation for the slides on the right-hand side. The navigation could change to highlight what section you’re on as you scroll into view of that section.

The only thing I think would require some external code/plugin work, is the scroll-jacking (if you wanted that).

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@danwilko Oh, awesome! I agree with you.

To add on to your concept:
I believe the “vertical slider” should be a menu and have the text links changed to dots, as has been expressed.

Then, these menu links can can link to the sections of the page using the IDs of each section, and we won’t need a plugin.

Also, you would be able to change the current state of each menu link to show the highlight interaction.

Hopefully this adds to the conversation :blush:

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Hey @And_Studio and @danwilko,

I quickly created a cloneable template of a vertical menu with dots as the menu links. The dots are then linked to different sections of the page:

You can view my process in the below video:

Hopefully this helps :blush:


@micahryanhtml and @danwilko thanks, That’s exactly what I wanted, you guys rock :slight_smile:

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