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Vertical nav bar


I am new to webflow and googling has not found the answer I am looking for. I need to create a vertical sidebar like in the image below. Please help me with this and all the steps. Thank you very much. The students button when clicked will take you to a page but then the nav bar will reveal a list of names. I have seen I can add a drop down menu to the navbar but if i click on students it just drops down the list. I want to be able to click on students and it open a new page and then at the same time drop down a list in the navbar of all the students names. Here is an example and exactly the same aesthetic too which i dont imagine it is difficult

this is what they initially see:
student nav bar 2

and then when they click students a new page opens on the right (with all the students photos) and then the nav bar drops down a list of students

Can you please direct my workflow in creating a vertical navbar as well as a list drop down

Thank you very much