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Help with the template "Open"

So I got the template “Open” and it’s beautiful… (oh by the way I really like Webflow)… The “portfolio” link has a photo that then transitions to a color box with text. I’m having a hard time locating WHERE I can change the default photo to the photos I’ve created. I’m wondering if it’s located within a class. I can’t seem to find how to change a class that has been already made within the template. Your help is so greatly appreciated!!

Here is my read only link:

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It’s defined as a background image of the portfolio element:

So, proper way to say this is “within a Style”. And you’re right, it’s in a style. Everything that is defined under the style tab depends on the class name. That’s the difference between using an image as an image (it’s in the HTML) and an image as a cssbackground (it’s in the CSS).

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