Change Image Background Karuso Template

Hi there!

I need to change the background image of the Karuso Template - Portfolio 1, but I am not able to find the option to do so anywhere in the panels. Can anyone help please? Here is the link for the page:

Thank you very much in advance!

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Hey Adry,

It’s pretty well hidden within the page structure, but I found it! The image element you’re looking for has a class of ‘Portfolio 3 Background’ and it’s located here:

Dark Body > Page Wrapper > Main > Hero Portfolio > Portfolio 3 Cms > Portfolio 3 Cms List > Portfolio 3 Cms Item > Portfolio 3 Background

Once you’ve found it and selected it in the Navigator, go to the element’s Settings and you can replace the image from there.

Hope this helps.


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OMG Ryan! You just made my day! Thank you soooo much! Yes it is well hidden! I spent an entire morning looking for it! Thank you! :grinning:

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You’re welcome Adry - glad I could help! :smiling_face:

Do you also know by any chance, how to change the other background images when you scroll down? Basically, in the same page, when you scroll down passing from one project to the other, the background changes. Do you know how to change those as well? Thank you so much again!