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I have been toying with some styling in the designer after the update of relocating symbols and am experiencing some weird stuff.

Here are two photos of my site in the designer with the “separator” line with a width of 1px but actually stretching within the flex element it is contained inside of. Here is also photos of the published site. The line is styled correctly on the published site but is not doing so in the designer. Is this a bug or my design? (sorry for messy naming conventions)

Hello @joshalo3

Yes, i get that a lot when working with 1px Divs on Symbols, doesn’t bother me too much. If you clic on the div again it should appear the way you styled it.

Glad to know I’m not going crazy. Thanks @aaronocampo

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@joshalo3 I’m investigating this issue now and it looks like you’ve already resolved the issue in your site. @aaronocampo I haven’t been able to reproduce this behavior in the Designer with an element in a Symbol, could you please let me know what steps you take that have caused this behavior or if you have any additional information I would greatly appreciate it!

Thanks @Waldo

Here is my project preview link:

I notice that if you try to edit a Symbol and editing that symbol you go and preview the site the divs take that form

When I go back to the editor and double click on the symbol again the divs recover style that they had.

Hope this helps you to find the bug.

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Thanks a ton @aaronocampo this is very helpful!

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