Help with Template Designer Application


I applied to be a Webflow Template Designer some time ago and unfortunately have not received any feedback from Webflow so far (The deadline of 10-15 working days has already expired). I then wrote to support and asked about it. Unfortunately they couldn’t really help me with the status of my application, but said that I probably have to assume that I was rejected if I haven’t heard anything about my application within the deadline. They also told me to contact the community here once for help with my templates and to apply again afterwards.

I applied with the following websites:

This one is my company website:

This one is honestly nothing special, I just created it for the application. I have already implemented more than 30 websites with Webflow, but unfortunately I was still in an employment at that time and I am not allowed to use this as a reference. I will redesign the website again once I am accepted as a template designer and then advertise the templates there. I want to focus only on webflow templates anyway and not create any more websites for end customers for now.

Would someone of you be so kind and could give me feedback on the pages?
I have gone through the guidelines for the application again and I should have followed everything. However, a few points like “Adherence to web design trends and UX/UI design principles” are very subjective. I would say that I have taken this into account, but maybe you see it differently?

Thank you very much for the support!

Kind regards,


I would really be very grateful if someone could look at the templates, I need your feedback…


Please, I really need your help here.


Hi Mirco!
I looked through your templates and they’re awesome! I like them and your company website is really great too. I have no idea why Webflow didn’t accept your application.

I’m going through the same thing. I have created many websites on Webflow, I absolutely love this tool. So I sent my application following all the guidelines and didn’t hear anything back from them. If I were rejected I would really love to know why, so I can improve, but they didn’t send me anything.

So are you going to apply again? I will too, then.
What did Webflow support tell you?


Hi @VladTro thank you for your feedback, I really appreciate that.
Yes I applied again a couple days ago, but unfortunately didn’t hear anything from them.
The support couldn’t help me. They don’t have access to my application and just recommended to apply again.


Hi @Mirko_H I applied again just now too. So let’s keep each other updated here


Hey @VladTro yes, I’ll be happy to do that, but I still haven’t heard anything after my second application on 10/16.
In the meantime, I’ve also done some research on Reddit and here in the forum, and it’s probably the same for many of us. Hardly anyone gets a response to their application. It seems that there are much more applications than Webflow can handle. Many have already given up on applying. One user even said that Webflow probably doesn’t even look at many applications anymore. I don’t know where he got this information and if it’s true, but it would explain why we don’t get any feedback.
I still have hope, but only a little to be honest…


Hey @Mirko_H sorry for the late reply. I don’t get notifications on replies here.

I haven’t heard anything either. I applied for the second time on 10/25. Yeah, I’ve also done the research. You’re totally right about your observation. I don’t know why they don’t accept more people. It will be beneficial for all as Webflow takes 20% of every sold template. I just don’t see any reason for refusing to accept more qualified specialists like us and many others. If they gave some feedback, it would be much better. We would know what we need to improve.


Hey @VladTro I wrote again to the support a few days ago and described my current situation. I asked that they please forward my request to the appropriate department, which can give me feedback on my application. One day later, I also received an email in my inbox telling me that my concern was indeed being forwarded. Just now, however, I received an e-mail with the following sentence:

I have taken a look at the status of your application and unfortunately it looks like you’ve not been approved at this time.

Unfortunately, this does not help me at all again. What does it mean that my application has not yet been approved at this point? Was I rejected, or was it simply not processed yet? Further down in the email it was then written that I should reapply in 3-4 weeks, they might have updates to the application process listed on the apply page later in November.
Sounds to me like the template requirements are changing. I could imagine that the requirements will become stricter, similar to the application to become a webflow expert. I don’t think that’s a bad thing in principle, as it will probably reduce the number of applications and hopefully make Webflow faster to process. In addition, Webflow would increase the quality of the templates in the store in the long run. However, this would probably also mean that I would have to revise my templates, which would again take time.
So now I have to wait 3-4 weeks to reapply, then possibly another week to make changes to templates and then wait another 4 weeks for my application to be processed, if it is ever processed at all. I’m not giving up, but I don’t think I’ll have a chance to make money with Webflow Templates this year, probably not even in early 2024.
This is really very sad, but I don’t know what else I can do to speed up the process.


Hi @Mirko_H Thank you very much for sharing with me your detailed message. Yes, that is not good news. I will wait 3-4 weeks too then, I won’t give up either. That is really too bad they don’t give a specific reason for rejection. Will be checking the application page for new requirements.

How about your job? Do you work at a web studio or take freelance projects for customers? Or what does your work look like?


Hello @VladTro thank you for your Feedback.
I’ll answer your questions about my job via PM, because this has nothing to do with the actual topic. So we do not blow up the thread unnecessarily.


Hi @Mirko_H,

I wanted to share my personal experience regarding the application process for the template designer role, which might provide you with some useful perspective. So, my application for the Webflow Template Designer program has recently been accepted. I submitted my application on October 9th and, contrary to expectations, did not receive any acknowledgment or feedback until November 2nd. This long wait significantly exceeded the anticipated response time, leading me to surmise that my application was not successful. Considering it was my initial attempt, I now realize that perhaps my work samples actually did meet their qualifications, but the response was simply delayed.

Here are links to the sites I’ve submitted for my application:

Those are the live links since they are all client projects, but I did send out the read-only links for my application.



Hi @Von_Bixby_Romo thank you very much for your feedback. That helps me a lot. I have also contacted support again and I am starting to get an idea of what is needed to be accepted.
I am now pretty sure that the problem is my submitted templates. The support had already mentioned that very creative approaches are preferred. Looking at your templates now, what I’ve done is probably not going in the right direction.
Your templates are much more creative, you don’t use standard design patterns as I did (Please don’t misunderstand, I mean that in a very positive way)
Your templates are amazing.

With this knowledge in mind, I will take a step back and design and implement completely new templates.
However, this will take some time, so please excuse me if no more Udpate will follow here in the near future. I will post here again if my next attempt is accepted and then share my experiences. Maybe it will help someone in the future with their application.