Template Designer Application

Hi Guys, I have applied for Template Designer and i haven’t received any e-mail yet. it’s been 2 weeks now. Did you guys had such delay when you applied for template designer ?

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Hey Faton! How did it go? Did you receive any email in the end? I applied last week but haven’t heard from them too.

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Hello, me neither I have applied on 1 Nov and no response so far.

Did you submit all 3 templates? I tried 2. I wonder if only successful applicants get a reply.

I received an email after 29 days, and this is what they said:

Thank you for applying to be a Webflow template designer. After a careful review, we’ve decided we won’t be approving your application at this time.

To have a better understanding of what we are looking for when reviewing an application, we’d suggest taking a look at the requirements section under the Become a Template Designer page, as well as review Webflow Template Submission Guidelines to see what we’re looking for in each Webflow site we review.

Please ensure to pay close attention to the following before re-submitting:

  • Remove any instance of auto class naming, update with custom class names
  • Ensure that all builds are fully responsive and without issues

We hope that you continue to work hard and improve your craft, and to see you again in the future!

I have alreay fixed the issues they mentioned and re-uploaded again but i didn’t get any response yet, unfortunately.

And yes, i did submit 3 different Templates.




Hey guys how did it go?? did any of you guys get a positive response? I applied 2 weeks ago and haven’t heard back from them…

Hi Maria @m3rry , did you get any response?

Did you hear back from them yet?

You need to wait. This is not something that the community can help you with as each submitter is judged and reviewed independently.

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Waiting patiently. Just asked if others got approved, not seeking help.