Help with tabs and dynamic list

I want the tab widget inside a dynamic item.

I think it is doable but I’m not there yet because it’s pain in the a-s in the designer. It’s hard to explain all that’s happening so if you got some time over I prepared a dynamic list for you to try it out and see if you can find a way to do this, easy. I put some simple instructions inside the share link.


Here is my public share link: Dynamic Tabs
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Hey @jorn

Thanks for preparing the setting and the instructions. The problem seems to be that you have set display:block to .tab-one and .tab-two. That’s why they are appearing together. Remove the display settings so they will return to their default display:inline

Hope this helps.

Then you can add a paragraph to each tab pane and bind it to the corresponding field.

Good luck,
Anna K

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Hey @Anna_Kelian

Thanks for taking a look on that for me. I changed the tabs to display block because I couldn’t see the the tab as I can when using the tab component outside a dynamic item.

It is working but I would love if the team could have look at this because it doesn’t work as ut supposed to do.

Thanks again, display inline it is =)

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Did you try putting a clean tabs component inside a dynamic item? Just wonder if you experience the same as me.

Yes I did @jorn and It seems like a bug.
I will inform the team. Thank you

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