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Help with Second Click Interaction

Hey everyone, I’ve created a hide and show interaction for my filter tabs, however I have an issue related to the 2nd click part of the interaction. For the moment, I have created a 1st and 2nd click. This way users can click the filter tab once to open, and then click it again to close it (Helps a lot for the UX from what I can tell). Given this, if the user wants to click any other element (like another filter tab), it requires 2 clicks.

I understand that if I were to not have a 2nd click on the tabs, then it would not create this double-click issue, however I really feel it’s necessary to give the user the option to close the tab by clicking the initial trigger.

If anyone has a workaround that allows the users to:

  1. Click the initial tab a second time to close it
  2. Avoid the double-click issue when clicking any other element

That would be super helpful… I’ve attached the link to my site below.

Thanks, Jake.

Here is my public share link:

For anyone with the same issue. The only solution (which took me hours, since I’m not very good at coding haha) would be to create a “fake” button that appears after the trigger element is clicked (and the initial trigger disappears too)… Hard to explain, but just wanted to say there are ways around. If anyone has more specific questions I can try to answer as best I can :slight_smile: