Resetting 2nd Click Interaction on Element with multiple triggers

Hi all,

I’ve run into this problem a couple of times now, where I have either a modal or some kind of overlaying menu opening via an interaction on a button/div element.

Usually on those elements, I include a way to close the menu/modal, also using interactions, but I keep running into the issue of then having to click the original button twice in order to ‘reset’ the interaction to open the element again.

Is there any way around this that doesn’t include hiding and creating a new version of the button on each opening menu/modal element?

I’ve included an example in my read-only link so you can see what I mean!

Here is my public share link: LINK
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The trick is only giving the user one way to open the menu and one way to close the menu. Then, only use the “on 1st click” on each trigger and leave the “on 2nd click” blank.

Thanks, I feared this might be the case.

It’s a shame because Webflow generally does such a great job elsewhere, it’s a pain to not have a workaround for this!

Giving one option to the user is the easiest but limiting in some situations.

FinSweet offers a solution if needed too, but this should be built into Webflow’s native interactions: