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Show and hide using interactions (tabs-like functionality)

i have the show and hide feature implemented on my website from the tutorial on the webflow site,

im using the feature for three areas, but how can i set it so if one area is open, when the second area is clicked it closes the first or any other area that is open in that section.
to preview the site it is here and the section i am on about are in the middel (whats happening/whose speaking etc)

so for example if the user has clicked whose speaking and it shows that hidden section, how can i make it so that when they click where is it it closes the whose speaking hidden box before opening it.

Hi, it is possible to control the interactions of different elements after a second button is pressed, to show or hide or whatever else, but to tell you for your website, could you share your public link to the design view of your project? Then can look at the interactions you have and what you could do, and people here can help to comment if they see something that can help you with that.

You enable your public project link from site settings.


Hey the published link is in the original post

Hi @jaymia, thanks for sharing your site.

When we designed IX, we didn’t intend for it to replace advanced UI concepts like this. In fact, we are currently building a dedicated “Tabs” widget that will properly handle this type of scenario.

Thank you for your patience!