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Help with searching/sorting CMS

Hello everyone! Thanks in advance for any help with this topic.

I am building a website for a Chef who wants to have 40-50 recipes on their site. They want to be able to search/sort through these recipes based of different labels or a combination of labels. For example: they want to only search for recipes that are dairy free OR they want to search for recipes that are dairy free AND gluten free.

I am planning on treating this similar to a blog. I will have a page where all recipes have a thumbnail image, header, and button. You will be able to click the button that will take you to the entire recipe post.

I need help with the search/sort function. How can I add ‘tags’ or ‘labels’ to the recipes so that they are sortable? How am I able to search for multiple ‘tags’?

Any help with this is greatly appreciated :slight_smile:


What you want is a multi reference field for each of your tags that can be shared by your posts.

Ah great! Thank you so much for the response, I really appreciate it.

My only follow up question is - how do I get the ‘site search’ results to show those specified tags?

Have you tried implementing them and seeing if they show up? I think they will but I’m not sure, I’ve never used search before.

@ChristopherGlenn From my understanding, searching and Sorting are different.

Sorting is not natively available in webflow. Vote for it here -

However, you can still implement sorting/filtering, I’d recommend you have a look at:

  2. Custom Dynamic Filter in Webflow

Regarding Search, I’d say Multi-Reference field is the way to go. The Search tool will be able to detect and display the results automatically. Read more about it here -

Good luck! :slight_smile:

Also @ChristopherGlenn, I’d recommend you change this post’s topic category from Feedback to either:

  • Design Help > Layout, or
  • CMS Help > CMS
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@DFink I am trying them, but with the indexing taking 24 hours, it’s hard to know if it’s effective.

@RohanGanachari thanks so much! I did not make the differentiation before with search and sort, but now I definitely see the difference. I’m going to make the multireference took work hopefully, unfortunately I’m having a bit of trouble getting that to work properly. I’ll post in the design help forum though. Thanks again!

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