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Help with responsive images using Absolute position


I have been struggling a lot with this issue lately, using relative or absolute Div blocks with images. Problem is that once they are on full screen works just fine, but when reducing the size of the screen that image just get cropped and idk what am I doing wrong, why does not responds to the screen like the div block with text, for example?

Here is what happens:

At first, I wanted to create the following effect playing with this “relative” & “absolute” mode but still the problem is the same actually, it does not responds well when the screen size is changing:

Hopefully you can help me as I am stuck with this for a week now!

Many thanks in advance!


You set your element’s position in pixels and gave it width in pixels. Responsive is not going to happen unless those numbers are in some relative units like percents or vw’s or whatever.

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I did not know that! Thank you! I will try to find some more info about this on the Uni.


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