Text over image - Make it responsive


I need to get responsive the text over image. I set position as Absolute but when I switch to tablet or mobile view I need to reposition again and I do something wrong. Can you help me?

Here is my public share link: [LINK][1] https://preview.webflow.com/preview/fatfatfatfestival?preview=4d9fa7ed305cc12187c2b396c914b526

Do this first:

Then this:

Then adjust for mobile is needed:

For the responsivity: you usually adjust per breakpoint.

For the Absolute positionning: read here to understand why your settings where probably wrong (the parent of the positionned element wasn’t position:relative, and it must be, to be a reference: http://inb4.webflow.io/posts/master-absolute-positionning

Thank you so much!!!

I stil have a problem. How can I fix this resizing? I configure the text for the responsive design but text move when I change breakpoints size.

And even more bad on Mobile view

Can you help me?