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Help with responsive image sizing

Responsive image is not work. can help me?
Have only 1 image, I would like to resize picture to small when the resolution change.

Hi @paemaster, currently that image is set to auto width, so it will fill it’s parent container and when the parent element size changes, so will the image.

Can you describe how you want the image to resize on lower views? Right now, the image appears smaller on desktop because you are using the image in a column which has two columns side by side taking up 50% of the page width, so the image stays at 50% width on desktop, but changes to 100% width on mobile when the columns collapse and expand to 100% width.

See my video:

Here is a helpful article about images:

and responsive styling:

I would like to adjust the image size by manual.
Previous time when I adjust by manual on mobile resolution, on desktop resolution will not change size together.

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