Images and objects responsive?

how can I make my images responsive? Such as the big image here and the images off to the right? so it all shrinks with the screen (the page is going to be one page scroll)

anyone have advice in this?

Hello @Quantumgo

Unfortunately, you preview link doesn’t work. Could you recreate it, please.


Hmm sorry about that!

Hi @Quantumgo, Unless I miss something, it looks like you using images as a backgrounds of divs.

With this type of settings they automatically will be responsive:

Let me know if I got you wrong.


@sabanna but they are not working as “responsive” when you make the screen smaller height wise nothing in that “section” get smaller height wise.

Responsiveness is depend on width, not the height.
But if you want, you can change images settings, make size: content instead of cover. Images will keep its aspect ration anyway.

@sabanna I am trying to make it do what this site does

There is background options similar to what you have:

background-position: 0px 0px, 50% 50%;
background-size: auto, cover

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