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Help with managing our Webflow site


While Webflow is super easy to use, I’m afraid I don’t have the time to make some ongoing changes to our site. Could you help us directly manage and continue to develop our webflow site?

Ideally, I would appreciate a quote for the following things we would immediately like to implement:

  • add terms and conditions / privacy policy
  • add press page
  • add careers page
  • add blog page

In the near future, we would also like to make improvements to our illustrated artwork.

Thank you!


Can you make your link a live site? I can’t copy and paste it on my iPhone. Remove or space out the parenthesis in order to fix this. :wink:

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Sent you a PM! :grinning:

Hello there! Thanks for reaching out to the Webflow community.

My name is Scott Van Zandt, I am the founder & director of operations here at SVZ Design.

We are a small digital agency focused on working with creative projects all over the U.S. While utilizing Webflow as well as our custom graphic design team.
We have extensive experience working with large companies & local businesses alike.
Our small team of skilled entrepreneurial web designers, marketers and digital strategist are dedicated to providing you with the best client experience from start to finish of your projects.

I was really excited to discover and review your project request on Webflow.
So far, your project sounds like a perfect fit for us! We specialize in building custom websites and providing on-going work based on our clients unique business models and needs.
Based on your overview of your project, I can offer you a flat rate fee for your projects initial changes / page creation and also offer a monthly retainer for hourly design add on or make changes. I can help design it all with Webflow CMS so that you can utilize updates easily as well.

If you still need help with your project, please let me know and I would be happy to consult you. I would love to get a deeper understanding of your needs.

In addition, after I learn more about your project, I would like to send you the following:

  1. Client Consultation (Google Doc)
  2. A Free Prototype or design m examples/preferences
  3. Set-up a phone call appointment
    Thank you so much for your time and I look forward to hearing more about your project!
    Looking forward to your favorable response.
    Scott Van Zandt
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