Help with hover interactions

I want to create a section with this kind of effect (the hero section in this website).
The problem is that the hover/click interaction to display an image would work only on it’s children. How do I get this effect? Can anyone help me out here?

You might be able to achieve it with tabs, or a slider that slides when you click: I believe a JavaScript snippet is needed for that option

Thanks for your reply but using tabs won’t help me flip icons when hovered/clicked. Is there any other way to do it?

I’m sorry I thought you were talking about how when clicking one of the options, the image in the phone slides to the next image.

Watch this video, it may be exactly what you’re looking for.

Actually it’s both. I want to have a exactly the same effect like this one does. What I was able to achieve was flip icon and the line appearance (on hover) but of course only within the parent div block. I am not able to change the image on hover/click of the icon.

Unfortunately it’s not possible to affect multiple classes during one action. I’m hoping interactions 2.0 will allow for such. I’ve been needing the functionality for quite some time now.

So basically this means, I can either get the flip interactions or using tabs I can get the phone screens to change. That’s a real bummer!

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