Help with horizontal fixed scroll


I am new to Webflow and doing my portfolio website right now.
I want this horizontal fixed scroll on my projects (Smooth Horizontal Fixed Section Scrolls in Webflow - YouTube), but above that I need a section with 100 vh first with text etc. How can I do that? To make the scroll animation work, you need to set it to position fixed, which makes sense, but that means it’s always fixed to the viewport, but I want it to start after I scrolled down my first section. I am sure there is a simple solution and I would be very happy for answers!

I recreated the tutorial for testing purposes, maybe it helps (page name: test scroll):

Thanks a lot!

Instead of using fixed position for that section use sticky, that should work.

Thanks for your answer. Unfortunately, that doesn’t work. The section itself is set to static and the different slides inside that section are fixed. If I set these to sticky, it destroys everything. If I set the section to sticky instead of static, it still looks the same.