Help with editing Hamburger Menu

Hello everyone!

I need help with the Hamburger menu, I cant see the items in the design view. I want to change/edit those items but I could not see them. I used to be able to edit it but I cant recall it by now.

Here is the read-only link: LINK

Another thing, Why is it that whenever I add or edit new menu in a desktop mode it doesnt apply to the mobile mode Hamburger menu? Hence, the reason why im asking help to edit the mobile menu.

Thank you very much!


You have your mobile menu’s opacity set to 0%. It should be 100.

Hi Jake,

Thank you for your response. I already set it to 100% opacity but I still cannot see the menu item? I can only see them when I preview them. I hope to be able to view the menu items with their new names and links so I can edit them

hope to hear from you again.

Appreciate you

anybody can help me? im actually in the point of giving up :frowning: I dont encounter this with wordpress

Jake is correct, your Mobile Menu div is set to 0% opacity. Change that and you can see your menu:

Thanks for your response.


I have already set it to 100% but how can I see the mobile menu? ( i know this is a dumb response)

I already solved this. You cannot view it if your viewing it in the 320PX mobile view.