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Help with contact form

Hi there,

Didn’t realize that this specific form ( on my site was not working and can’t find where the problem is. I will appreciate any help.

Here is the the Shared link:

Thanks all!

Looks fine, you forgot to mention how it isn’t working.

I made the form from zero, I was playing around with ID’s and actions before and probably dit something wrong.

@samliew do you know a way to make the users select only one of the Checkbox fields but not both? right now you can click on both YES, NO, does that make sense?

Um, use radio buttons with the same name instead?

cool thanks, I was thinking on something like this, you can make a selection and the hover state will change but still ave a selection with the form, still possible?

@samliew I replaced them with radio buttons but ave the same problem, both can be selected

For the selection that looks like a button, I guess this is called floating action buttons

I did say both have to be the same name, like “Paid”. NOT “Yes” “No”.

Yes, this is possible with custom code. However I only take these type of requests here.

thanks for your help