Help with cms table of contents feature

Hey guys, I am trying to achieve this effect with a table of contents that links to various cms pages. Please see this example below:

I really like how the cms page you are on is highlighted in the table of contents. In the case study on the dev’s portfolio it said he achieved this with cms. I reached out to him but didnt get a reply. Does anyone know how i might go about implementing this with cms? Ive only been on webflow for a couple months so i’m pretty new at it.

Here is the site I’m working on to implement it if you care to look:

Thanks in advance!

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Hi @Tyler_Caldwell it doest mother if you are new to WF as Wf in most cases follow the web standards and knowledge of HTML and CSS required. BTW you misunderstand what is TOC.

TOC is list of headings on side of long article so people do not need to scroll but they can jump right to article section

On website you are referencing is not TOC but standard sidebar navigation. You can create this in “template” page. narrow your browser to see mobile nav and you see that this sidebar nav is part of mobile menu.

In Webflow, that’s just styling the “current” page link in the sidebar.
Below are the docs for how “states” generally work.

However for the current state, you need to navigate to a page whose link is in that sidebar collection list. Then when you select it, Webflow automatically applies the Current styling.

Thanks for the insight Michael and sorry if this is a dumb follow up question, but would i have to do this one by one for each page?

Also, how would i go about making it so the sidebar nav links link to cms collection pages. Would i have to use a cms collection list to do this? Currently the only cms options on the link text is to link to the current cms page

No, states are applied to the class, it affects that class’s state globally.

Yes you can do that. Link to current page means to link to the current page for that item, so that’s what you want.

You might want to explore using conditional visibility settings based on the current page’s CMS slug. You can set up interactions or custom code to achieve this effect dynamically.