Table of Contents?

Is it possible to create a Table of Contents for collection list page?

I have my collection list on the page, with working links that go to each collection page, however I want to add a table of contents that scrolls down the page to that topic.

I could do this manually but any time a new collection item is added I would have to manually add it to the ToC.

Is there a way?


Actually, I tried to do it manually but because you can’t give unique ID to each item in a collection…this doesn’t work. There must be a way?

See if you can make something out of this post:

I’ve used some custom code eventually. The code should be in the thread you linked.

I’ll check it out guys thanks, I searched but found a thread with the code but no explanation…I will check these threads/posts. Thank you.

I think I understand how to make this work now after reading the post. So the only caveat is that it’s not automatic. The user entering a new item (blog post, or whatever) would need to put in the anchor link name matching whatever the title name is so if it’s a blog post named “Test Item” he would put in #test-item" in the anchor linkg…is this correct?


Have you founded a way to do this ? It represents a key point for my project too.