Help with an interaction animation

Hi Webflow community.

I hope you can help me. I’ve been following the fantastic interactions course by Joseph Berry and have tried to implement a couple of his transitions into a site I’m creating for a client.

My read only site is here:

The problem I am having is in the tabs transition. It works beautifully on the first tab (open and close) but as soon as I move to any of the other tabs, the tabs panel doesn’t open. If I now click back to the first tab, it has also stopped working.

My feeling is that there is something wrong with my classes in the interaction animation, but I cannot work out where I’ve gone wrong.

It would be amazing if a clever Webflow person could take a look and see if they could figure it out for me.

Joseph Berry’s read only site is here and you can see how he has built the interaction I am trying to implement.

Thank you!

Can you send a screenshot of what tabs you’re referencing? They all seem to work as intended to me on your site.