Tab switching Interactions Issue

Hi fellow designers and coders,
So while working on a new project i encountered few issues that are really bugging me now. They are mainly around interactions related to Tabs. In my public link you can see them on Cards-Tabs_Link and Partner-Tab. In regard of me working with tab interactions for the first time this is what I don’t get here:

  1. When I set tab interaction (as on Cards-Tabs_Link) it is happening and everything seems fine while clicking between tabs since it’s simple, but when I try to add hover interaction it overwrites the active tab when I hover over it. And basic hover interactions doesn’t work when I have tab switch interaction on. Help!

  2. When I switch between the tabs (Partners-Link) my set interaction is not playing out as it should but happens instantly. I can’t figure out what I’m missing here.

Thanks for reading and I hope some one will be able to help. Thanks in advance once again!

Here is my public share link: Webflow -