Layer Sticky Menu UNDER other elements

Hello there!

Long-time forum reader, first-time poster. Thanks to everyone for all your help and for sharing your tips and advice over the years!

I a, struggling with a menu and submenu design I’ve got going on, where the on-hover drop-downs of the upper menu layer UNDER the submenu below. Like so:

Does anyone have any advice has to how I can ensure the drop-downs layer above the sub-menu?

Thanks in advance.

Set a z-index value for Navbar 9. I set it to 0 and it worked ok for me, but this impacts other elements on the site, so just double check the layering here.

Edit: In fact, setting it to 1 works fine, but you need to check your other elements such as your columns containing the likes of ‘dqwc56’. This is set to Relative, and I set the z-index value to 0 and this didn’t have layout issues.

I suggest check each element for z-indexes.