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😨HELP😨Webflow Ecommerce Bug/Problem

:confounded:URGENT HELP​:confounded:

I’ve got a BIG problem with webflow.
Take a look to the pictures (attached files)
When I modify something on the product settings (any kind of changes), a wrong msg appear and say :
“Ecommerce products should not be updated with variant fields”
(I do not use any variants for my products ! No any options …)
… I’ve lost a lot of hours to try to solve the problem but without success …
What’s wrong ?

Can you please try look at the problem ?

Thank you.
Waiting for some hope … :pray:t2:

Hi, @Charles_Montaland
Thanks for posting here in the forum.
We’ve identified the problem, and working to address it.
I’ll post back here when the fix is live.

Thanks for your patience.

This fix for this issue is now live.
You may need to refresh your Designer for it to take full effect.
But once that is done you should be able to save your Product Collection as normal.

Let me know if you’re still experiencing any issues related to Product Collection settings.

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