Sticky Nav Bar issues & Hiding Elements in Nav Bar

Hi there,

I’m having some issues with my nav bar and maybe you can help!

  1. logo is jumping on mobile
    Since I made my nav bar sticky to the top and open my page on mobile (iphone, Chrome browser), the logo is not staying in the nav bar. The logo is jumping below the nav bar when I’m scrolling down and it turns invisible when I’m scrolling up. Would you know how to make it sticky in the nav bar?

  2. Showing different elements in nav bar
    I have created a membership area with MemberSpace. Therefore I needed different links in my nav bar. My nav bar is a symbol and I used override symbols to do that. So far so good. Just when I open the menu on mobile it shows now 2 empty spaces in the menu board. Is there a chance to delete/hide those?

I would really much appreciate any help! Let me know if I need to elaborate further.

Thanks a lot in advance

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow -

Hi @Alexa :slight_smile: Which phone and browser are you testing on?

Hi Nelson, I’m using an iphone 11 and the Chrome browser :slight_smile:

An update: on some pages (e.g., Rebirth My Dashboard) the menu in my nav bar doesn’t open at all anymore on my mobile