Spacing Issues HELP! Thank you!

I have a love hate relationship with my UX design porfolio site. I’ve never truly mastered classes and every time I nudge one spacing element, the other goes out of whack. I’ve read forums and tried to re-do spacing, but I’d like to learn properly what I am doing wrong and why this spacing dance happens. It’s truly frustrating.

Thank you for taking a look! I’m willing to put in hard tedious work to fix this issue.

Can you explain in more detail exactly whats going on and where exactly?

Sure, thank you for helping me.

I used the portfolio template from webflow. I understand the spacing changes all devices from desktop to mobile, but I find that when I move spacing from one portfolio piece another is out of place entirely. There’s no consistency. I’m thinking I’ll go back and re-space everything re-naming all of the classes. This will be so tedious.

Perhaps, can you look at my set up and see if there’s anything glaring that I can fix to maintain consistency and responsiveness? Any rule of thumb I am missing that I didn’t catch in the webflow tutorials? Yes, I am a beginner.

Thanks so much!