[Help] Reverting my site into CMS plan

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So I’ve paid for a CMS site plan for the month of march 11 - april 11 2024 but accidentally reverted my site to a starter site, when I try to revert it back to CMS plan Webflow requires another payment. I’ve pasted an invoice that proves I’ve paid for the month, I’d like to ask help guys on how to revert my site to the CMS plan without being charge again. Thank you in advance for the help

Hi @Neil_Patrick_Sonalan :wave: Joshua here from the Webflow Support Team. Thanks so much for asking about this!

Firstly, I’ve removed your screenshot of the invoice, as it has sensitive information that should only be visible to you as a customer.

Secondly, the Support Team would be happy to help out with this request. Could you please navigate to support.webflow.com and follow the prompts to submit an email ticket?

Let me know how you go with that!