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Help preventing Body being set to 0% opacity on button click

Hi, I’ve just launched my website online and when I click through links that open a new tab, upon returning to original website it has disappeared and all I see is a blank page? This is in Chrome and Safari…


Hi @dzgraphicdesign, could you help to share the published url to the site plus the read-only link to the site?

Which links/tabs were you clicking on when the trouble happens?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Dave,

Live site is here:

Read only here:

Re links/buttons, it’s for anything outside of navbar.

Thanks @dzgraphicdesign that really helps. The issue is that you have an interaction on the body that has the body set to 0% opacity at page load.

This works great if you are navigating to a page for the first time and the page loads. When going back in the browser however, using the back button, the page does not reload, so the body stays at 0% opacity and never changes.

I would recommend to not put any opacity on the body to avoid this behavior, or use some custom code to possibly force the browser to reload the page on browser back function.

Here is some additional info from StackOverflow that may give some ideas:

Hi Dave,

Thanks but I never set that opacity and have no clue how to fix it. Must have been set like this as I used a template.

Will check out link you provided and hoping I can fix it.

sorry but I can’t see where this interaction is on Body on Home?

Hi @dzgraphicdesign, thanks for getting back to me. Select the body element, then select the interaction panel and set the interaction to none instead of “show body”

Yes it could have been on the template, that is a browser behavior, so probably the template designer did not take that particular behavior into account when it was made.

I know what is the trouble with the menu, I am replying on that post.

Thank you Dave.

Sorry I just looked in interactions as advised and can’t see where I set it to ‘None’?

Got it! It’s a the top. Sorry under the pump here.

I changed it and it’s still doing it. : /

Hi @dzgraphicdesign, no problem, I am here to help, let me know if any further issues with that.


OK so if I did set the interaction to None and it didn’t work what are next steps?

Hi, well if the issue persist, let me know and I can take a look further.

it isn’t working. the page loads then goes blank…

Thanks, I am checking it out! Just to check, you republished the site?

Thanks Dave. Yes I did.

Thanks @dzgraphicdesign, so, could you tell me the exact links you clicked on, step by step so I can see I am clicking same as you? That really helps.

Sure. Click the ‘View samples’ button under ‘Print’ section on Home.

Thanks @dzgraphicdesign, that really helps. I am still checking this, it seems on the published site, I am still seeing opacity 0, looking to see where this is coming from/how it is being set:

I get back to you as soon as I have an update.