Help, Popup HTML is not scrolling and not exiting

I have a question and I need help with my design.

I have two pop-up layouts where the user selects a button and another popup comes up.

Video recording: New Recording - 11/8/2023, 5:31:03 PM

Preview: Webflow - Get Camera Crew

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Looks like it’s setup fine, no changes needed

I’d setup this way;

  • Give it a background screen, same as popup one, but make it clear instead of tinted. It needs to be there for click capture but popup 1’s screen is already visible.
  • Set it up the same as popup 1’s, but your click interaction will be separate, since it will only hide popup 2 and popup 2’s screen.
  • Popup 2’s height should probably be wet as something like max 90vh, with a scrollable inner div to allow your form to scroll.