Help! Page is not working, even though the domain is connected

Hello, any idea why the site is not working? I checked hosting settings and the domain is connected. We did not change any DNS settings in the domain

Read only: Webflow - Social Verse

Hi Harvey,

I guess you can try to go to the domain provider site (e.g.: Google Site/Go Daddy) for a check. If the setup is correct in there, then maybe you can wait for a few minutes to an hour. As if there are still connection issues, you may want to reset your DNS setting. Attached with the link for the connection of the domain. By the way, I visited your website through the two domains you captured both of them seem working and are linked to your website.

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thank you!I i fixed it already by adding/removing the button “make default”. for some reason the site did not load when I interchanged the default domain. but it did work when I add/remove the “make default” button