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Help needed on several design issues... Please help a newbie!


I am a newbie to Webflow who has dedicated every bite of data I’ve had since March into this new exploration. I must confess I am super impressed at the possibilities Webflow presents. Thanks to the awesome team and community of geniuses here.

I have run into some hitches and would really need your help on a couple of issues on my first major assignment.

So the issues:

  1. Text does not load on the first slide of Carousel (inspired by @jonathanharing Custom CMS Slider, Custom CMS Slider!) until i click the nav arrows and return. I’d appreciate any solution to make the text load on the first slide

  2. I have tried several codes to implement smooth scroll or full page scroll from one section to the other… but without success. Maybe, I’m not getting somethings right. I’d appreciate insight to make it work.

  3. I also tried out the smooth pagination code which worked well until today. Not sure what I might have tampered with.

  4. I am having great difficulty implementing animations on symbols used across multiple pages, especially the Navigation symbols.

  5. General design: I know I am working with a great tool in Webflow limited by my abilities and so I’d appreciate whatever suggestions, or improvements I can get from every one.

Thank you for your time and attention.

Warm regards,

Here is my share link:

The contents of each slide have opacity:0; by default. I guess an interaction of yours triggers the change upon clicking a arrow, can’t say for sure w/out the read only link to your project! If you go back to the previous slide it will animate in!

I could not locate any scroll libraries inside your page! Can you specify what you are using/ what isn’t working?

Make sure you set the interaction to the class of the affected elements!


If you use “selected element” the interaction will only work for one instance!

Hi Benedict!

Welcome to Webflow! I too love it (which is why I created the slider in the first place!). I won’t be much help with your other issues, but I took a quick glance at your preview and figured out the problem with the text not appearing on the first slide. All you should need to do is update the opacity to 100% on the first item in the click animation. Your’s currently sets the initial opacity value on page load to 0% instead of 100%. Here’s a screenshot of what to fix (highlighted in red):

Let me know if that doesn’t do the trick!



Apparently I missed the shared link!

For the interactions inside symbols, make sure you set the interaction to the class of the element! I highlighted the area where you find this setting.

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Hey @jonathanharing. It worked. Thanks a bunch. Awesome solution you made there.


Thank you @RDaneelOliwav. I will check this out and confirm to you. I already think it would solve this issue. Thanks for your time. You guys are really awesome

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Thank you :grin:

Please inquire further, if you feel like having assistance!
The more specific and detailed the description, the better we can help :webflow_heart:

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Excellent! Glad I could help.

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