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Help Needed For Type Glitch

Hi ladies and gents!

Would love some advice on a wee problem I’ve got with a website.

All looks fine on my MacBook and monitor but on my friend’s MacBook, there’s a huge gap between her name on the hero heading (screenshot attached)

Any advice would be appreciated!

Thanks so much


Hi @OJG I just checked on my MacBook Pro 15 - everything looks as intended.
I made a screenshot from Sissey with 4 screen resolutions, all fine there also.

Thanks very much for your response!

Yeh, it all checks out on mine too so I have no idea why it’s all janky on my friends MacBook…:confounded:

On a side note, maybe it would be awesome if the text of her name would scroll behind her.
Pardon my unasked tip :pray:t3:

Thanks for the suggestion and video! I like it a lot!

Would it just be adjusting the Y-axis values?

Appreciate it!

Really simple, make the image of her Relative and give it a high v-index. I used 99.
That’s all.